MaviKazan was founded in 2005 and since it’s foundation MaviKazan forged a reputation as quality architecture and design company in development of residential and commercial properties

Today MaviKazan works with many of the region’s known companies to provide support services for some of the largest and most challenging resource projects around the globe.

MaviKazan is a highly skilled architecture and design company with an emphasis on:

Understanding each client’s needs

Delivering practical and cost-effective projects

Innovation where necessary

Giving each client value for cost

We design responsive environments, delivering sustainable, humanistic solutions that integrate commercial imperatives and social objectives.

For 13 years of work we have designed more than 150 unique properties for

different countries, such as RUSSIA, TURKEY, SYRIA, CYPRUS.

In cities of Moscow, Kazan, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Grozniy, Baku, Sochi, Latakia, and Konya.

We value time, quality and reliability