Project name: Italian Quarter

levels of the radial cascade composition vary from 4 to 9 floors, providing the user an access to terraces placed on each cascade stage, wherefrom a view of the existing orthodox church is at hand. End points of the radially located buildings are connected with a single monolithic 10-storey residence thus making a semi-circle.

Top level of the building is occupied with premium class penthouses. Centre of the complex is accomplished with a 2-storey office building communicating the residential part via arches.

An infrastructure is complemented with a wellness centre (swimming pool), kindergarten, medical unit, cafes and restaurants, and offices.

MaviKazan worked out:

  1. structural drawings and design of carcass and roof slab of the building;
  2.  façade mounting detailed design;
  3. ceramic tile roof mounting detailed design;
  4. designer’s supervision within the scope of design (erection of the building carcass, façade mounting, roof mounting).
OOO «Insigma Development
Stage of completion
Area of the complex
110,000 sq.m