Project name: Residential complex located in Serpukhov, Voroshilova st, 141

15-storey building consists of 4 floors used for offices and a shopping mall and 11 floors for accommodation. A 2-storey parking area for 207 cars is placed under the building and partially under the yard.

From the side of the front facade, a stylobate is noticeably exposed from the main volume of the building also it is divided vertically by contrasting color pylons of an entrance groups. This original solution of the simple volume and the high and massive stylobate is used to give to the building a more tectonic look.

The residential part consists of two corridor-type sections, 10 and 16 apartments on a floor. One-room accommodations prevail.

The designed building is of a modern style with contemporary finishing materials. A stylobate part is cladded with white and dark porcelain stoneware; a residential part with white and gray bricks. A theme of contrast of light and dark surfaces in combination with vertical and horizontal divisions is applied in the design of the facade. Panoramic windows and balconies are widely used.

A distinguishing feature of the complex is individual terraces on the roof of the stylobate. Partly glazed, partly open, they allow residents not only to go out to the balcony, but to organize their own open-air garden, a place for children to play or a quiet corner for reading on a sunny day.

Total area of apartments is 15,700 sq.m. Total number of flats is 286.

Total area of offices and stores is 8,700 sq.m.

Total area of floors (including underground floors) is 40,200 sq.m.

Indux Co
Area of the complex
40,200 sq.m