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We design vibrant, sustainable architecture that transcends itself and provides lasting value to users and local contexts.


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Our approach to design: BIM methodology

MaviKazan uses advanced technologies in the field of design. We actively use Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology to provide our clients with high quality solutions for their projects.

What is BIM? BIM is an innovative approach to creating and managing building and infrastructure information digitally throughout the project lifecycle. This allows us to create detailed 3D models, integrate different aspects of design and construction, and ensure efficient project management from start to finish.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Quality and accuracy: We create detailed BIM models that ensure high accuracy and design quality.
  • Effective project management: BIM allows us to effectively manage all aspects of a project, from planning to delivery.
  • Collaboration and Communication: We ensure transparent communication and collaboration with our clients and partners through the use of BIM.
  • Resource Optimization: BIM helps us optimize the use of resources, reducing design and construction time and costs.


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